Auria Solar

Office Building | Tainan | Taiwan

Type: office/commercial buildings
Client: Auria Solar
Planning: 2010 / with Adam Chen      Completion: 2014

The new industrial complex for the Auria Solar Company comprises of a four–storied fabrication and warehouse building conceived as a box and an administration building with a 3–dimensionally–polygonal and complex volumetry.The office building is a crystalline–like sculpture. The outer skin consists of glass and metal–planes as well as solar modules. A central atrium is rising to the glazed roof featuring elevators and sculptural stair elements leading to the upper floors. The face cladding of the rectangular plant building is made of thin–film modules; its reflecting surfaces in an arbitrary distribution result in a pixel–picture facade serving as a backdrop for the highly sculptural office building in front.

Gross Floor Area: 7.300 m2