Centrum Bank Vaduz

Office Building | Vaduz | Liechtenstein

Type: office/commercial buildings
Client: Dr. Ludwig Marxer Familienstiftung Vaduz
Planning: 1997 - 1999 (mit Bargetze + Partner, Vaduz)      Completion: 2002

The building is a solitaire with significance which integrates itself in its surrounding and adds to the identity in a topographical sense. Importance has been given to the location and elevations, as well as the sight from above onto the building has been decisive for its appearance. It is a sculptural object. Its form derives from a rectangular body, which by slight transformations becomes a moving, freely formed, non–rectilinear image. Thus a homogenous building is created that is not divided into façade and roof, but shows that wall and roof surfaces are of the same material and have the same structure. This object can be understood as a huge stone.

Gross floor area: 6.000 m2 / Photos: Christian Richters