Monte Laa - Porr Türme

Office Towers | Vienna | Austria

Type: office/commercial buildings
Client: Porr Immoproject
Planning: 2000 - (with Albert Wimmer)     

The Monte Laa Area Development (Masterplan by Albert Wimmer 1999) is one of the most innovative urban initiatives underway now in Vienna. The prominently located site on the highest urban area of Vienna, the Laaerberg, was partly created above the main highway A 22, one of the two main entrances to Vienna from the South.  The Towers are a signal and landmark to be noticed both entering Vienna and departing from the Center of the City.  Based on an idea already proposed in early collages and drawings, the project consists of two Towers of 90 meters above which a horizontal structure of 30 meters is hovering and creating a second level and activity zone in the urban landscape.  While the Towers are used as offices and for hotel purposes (approx. 31.000 sqm), the highly differentiated cantilevering structure (2.900 sqm) contains conference spaces, auditoriums, exhibition areas, a press club and a restaurant with a bar. The lower buildings consists of garages, shopping arcades as well as more offices and technical spaces. Centrally located, a 15 m high glazed lobby gives access to all those areas.