Saturn Tower

Office high-rise | Vienna | Austria

Type: office/commercial buildings
Client: WED Saturn Liegenschaftsbesitz G.m.b.H
Planning: 2004 (with Heinz Neumann)      Completion: 2004

The design shows a square building which reacts through a soft break in its rectangular layout to the urbanistic significance as a north–eastern ending of the district called “Donau–City”. The buildings’s appearance is characterized by a specific interplay of cut and antilevered parts within the main structure. The main entrance is situated at the south–eastern side which is protected against the wind. A linearly structured canopy defines the direction of the access from north–west. The grand floor links up to the pedestrian level of the Donau–City, which has its traffic distribution underneath five basements lower—a ramp connects this traffic level with the drive up on grand floor. 20 floors and a skylobby on the 21st floor rise up to 89 m, and are topped with a huge roof adding a significant silhouette to the carefully sculptured building.