Exhibition | Museum Abteiberg | Mönchengladbach | 12.04.2014-28.09.2014

Type: Exhibition
Client: Museum Abteiberg
Planning: 2014      Completion: 2014

A new look at Hans Hollein: this exhibition displays the Viennese designer, artist, writer, curator,and architect of Museum Abteiberg, in new perspectives. On the occasion of Hollein’s 80th birthday, we reconsider the groundbreaking projects of this architect and curator that lead tomedial and interdisciplinary thinking. We also reconsider anthropological ideas about architecture and design and his proximity to Pop Art or Joseph Beuys. The exhibition was designed in collaboration with the Berlin-based architect and curator Wilfried Kuehn, integrating new research approaches of modern architecture and art history and exhibits for the first time many materials and documents from the Hollein archive, exhibited in the display of his proper architecture, his first large building project. The exhibition “Hans Hollein: Everything is architecture” is being prepared in cooperation with the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art, MAK, Vienna, where under the title “HOLLEIN”, a further exhibition will be held that revisits the work of Hans Hollein as architect and designer.

Concept: Wilfried Kuehn and Susanne Titz

Städtisches Museum Abteiberg
Abteistrasse 27
41061 Mönchengladbach