Exhibition | MAK | Wien | 25.06.2014–05.10.2014

Type: Exhibition
Client: MAK
Planning: 2014      Completion: 2014

The extensive presentation HOLLEIN will open up new perspectives on the multifaceted oeuvre of artist, architect, and designer Hans Hollein. To mark Hollein’s 80th birthday, the spotlight will be directed at the artistic and anthropological mode of working with which he gives rise to just that sort of connection between art and everyday life that is so relevant to the MAK. This presentation will focus chiefly on the pioneering role that Hollein played in the field of museum architecture and on the exhibitions and Biennale contributions that he curated and designed architecturally. A wide range of materials from Hollein’s archive will be made public for the first time, making visible the process by which his works were created. And new photographs of selected rooms and buildings by Hollein, being taken for this exhibition by contemporary artists Aglaia Konrad and Armin Linke, will complement the original material to provide a new perspective on these works.

Guest Curator: Wilfried Kuehn
Curator: Marlies Wirth, MAK-Kuratorin 

MAK Wien
Stubenring 5
1010 Wien