Städtisches Museum Abteiberg

Mönchengladbach | Germany

Type: museums/cultural buildings
Client: Stadt Mönchengladbach
Planning: 1972 - 1973      Completion: 1982

In the historic center—of the city of Mönchengladbach, adjacent to the cathedral and a baroque abbey—a museum of contemporary art was built into the face of a prominent hillside.Areas for a permanent collection, for temporary exhibitions and for didactic uses had to be provided. Contextual integration into the neighborhood and topography were prime concerns. The complex is a “walk–on”–building, its surface is for public use (and for open air sculptures).Outside a complex architectural ensemble, it is inside a succession of a variety of white, neutral, yet characteristic spaces in different configurations and light situations. Rather than following a forced linear arrangement it is a 3-dimensional matrix, making a walk through the museum a dialectic and spatial experience.Landscaping was an integral part of the design.
The museum was awarded with the Reynolds Memorial Award, USA, 1984.